Red VW Volkswagen Golf Soft Top / Convertible in BENTLEIGH EAST, Victoria for sale

Red VW Volkswagen Golf Soft Top / Convertible
Red VW Volkswagen Golf Soft Top / Convertible
Red VW Volkswagen Golf Soft Top / Convertible
Red VW Volkswagen Golf Soft Top / Convertible

Picture this....
It's Friday and you're in work, your boss has been at you all week to finish that assignment that it due next Tuesday. Yes, NEXT Tuesday, but he wants it today so he can look over it during the weekend. You tell him that you will get to it in the morning knowing full well that you would prefer to deal with the wrath of an angry boss on Monday than have to do this meaningless assignment right now and THEN before you know it, it's time, the weekend is here.
You turn off your computer, straight from the power button, not worrying about the potential catastrophe of not turning off via the shutdown button and the impending "Windows has not shut down properly" or "Your computer restarted because of a problem", because, guess what you don't care, you know what is waiting for you outside.
You grab the keys of your weekend and walk out that door, sniggering at all the other cars in the car park as you press the button on your keys which makes what can only be described as a euphoric melody to open your doors. A smile comes across your face as you get closer to the lava red coloured soft top volkswagen golf that is ready to bring you back to life!
You get in and wave at your sullen co-workers as the roof on your red rocket automatically retracts. Now comes the hard part as you choose which CD to play, instead of a CD you decide to connect your Mp3 player and put on "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder, you turn the dial to "40", yup, breaks through the 10, 11 and even 12. The shades go on and you are ready to go. The 5 spoke silver alloy wheels start to spin in the direction of fun and all is great with the world again!
Are you still with me? You haven't even left the car park yet and already you are having the time of your life, imagine what you could do if the red rocket was yours. Road trips will never be the same, you will never want another car.
This car should be yours, you should be in it every day.
It's time to buy this car. First to see will buy.
Don't be jealous, be the owner!